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The easiest way to get information about the activities is by joining the leader tour.

The group leaders are invited, usually on Tuesdays from 20:00 clock 21:00 clock to learn to know and to exchange information on Joint activities

  • Joint excursions by bus (cheaper)
  • Football and other tournaments
  • Common Mass
  • Music events
  • Evenings around the camp fire
  • Getting to know, etc.

Get together
We answer your questions and provide information about activities and facilities on the site. The meeting point is the Big tent opposite the shower building / Scout shop. The leader round is free.

Internet & WiFi
For all group leaders, a computer with Internet connection is available. The computer is not allowed for young people, only adults (over 18 years) can use them. E-mails can be accessed and edited here. Use is free of charge. Blidingsholm has an open WiFi network. Ask please at the Scout Office or in the reception.

Activities found at Blidingsholm


Blidingsholm is known for its clean waters and its large variety of fish. Over 20 different freshwater fish species live in the Mörrum that may be fished naturally. Within the private waters of Blidingsholm all firmly booked camp participants may fish without a fishing license. Free, no booking necessary. Please inquire in the Scout Office about the boundaries of the fishing waters. Please also find more about Swedish fishing traditions at the Salmon Museum in Mörrum and the hunting and fishing museum in Eriksmåla.

Timber and firewood

For your construction activities you can use our large storage timber. There is sufficient construction and firewood available for all groups. Please confirm the needed amounts in the Scout Office, so the wood you need can be assigned. Lumber from the Lumberyard must not be cut up or burned. The borrowed timber must be returned in good condition. There must be no remaining nails. Timber not returned or destroyed must be payed for. It is prohibited to cut down or damage living wood. Dry firewood can be purchased in small or large quantities. Lumber and fire wood can be collected during normal Scout Office hours.

Canoe Hike

The water area of Lake Åsnen is ideal for shorter and longer canoe trips. Both the big Lake Åsnen, with its many thousand of islands, as well as the river Mörrum. You can paddle for days without meeting civilization. On our special canoe map we have drawn out some special routes. Along these routes around the lake there are also prepared lodging places and some supply shopping available. We also offer our scout groups free nights at our farm Fålaboda by the lakeside of Åsnen, a very short trip (by canoe) from Blidingsholm. Here you can either camp, or stay in a rebuilt barn with ready accomodations. For tour consulting, please contact the Scout Office. For prices, please see price list. Please pre book canoes.

Archery and more

Close to us, about 2.5 km away, (Norraryds Camping) you can put your archery and climbing skills at a test.
Or compete directly against each other in a pentathlon.

Adventure Island

Adventure Island for scouting games: 3 hectares (30 000 square meters) high altitude forrest with clearings, high mountain,
2 castles, fireplaces, many hiding places of wood and toilets. This is the perfect place for your night games, nature observations, survival training, team training or “The Great terrain game”. The entire site is available to you if you prebook for 24 hours, from 11.00 o’clock am – 11.00 clock pm. Reservations (pre-booking) must be made in the Scout Office. Cost: Free!

Swimming and Sauna

Of course, the Mörrum or Åsnen invite for swimming. On the site there are jetties that you may use. Our wood-fired sauna is avaliable for one group for 24 hours. 11h / 11h. Please pre-book in the Scout Office. The water contains no dangerous insects or fish. But watch out, maybe you can find a curious floating grass snake taking a peek at you, or small tadpoles in a water pocket on the beach. This place is full of life. Please note that you can also book our very special sauna. It is driven to the center of your Camp Site and available for 24 hours.

Bonfire night

Depending on the interest we invite all groups on every Friday from 21.00 clock to our great bonfire evening – “The Campfire of Blidingsholm”. We would be very happy if some groups would volontairly play something, recite or contribute in any other way to our small program. Please bring musical instruments and song books.

Open-Air Service

The camp led by Blidingsholm is committed to providing a service or mass for all groups and teams in the summer and to provide a priest. We ask you to state if in your camp, a priest, municipal or pastor or curate is present and would agree to hold such a service or to say mass. The denomination should not matter. If we have no priests in the camp, the camp management will try to arrange for a local pastor to come.


A game for those who really like a challenge. Two teams try to get the flag of the opposing team in their own castle, competing on three tracks with different terrain textures.
– The tracks are between 80 x 60m and 90x160m in size. Experienced Paintball players from Scandinavia argue that the track on Blidingsholm belongs to the most beautiful in the whole Scandinavia.
– The game is over when both flags are in one teams castle or if a team has got no players left. The Paintball game is played on a large island, where there are three playing fields, a peace area and a training area.
The teams will be trained before the game by well-trained, experienced match officials and these accompany the game as a referees. The entire game takes about 3 hours to play. May be played from the age of 18, at the earliest from Rover / Ranger (16 years) with the written consent of the parent or guardian. paintball must be booked prior to arrival.
Fixed costs including guides, protective clothing, equipment and 50 balls. 230, – SKR per person Each extra ball: 0.60 SKR.
Prices and offers are subject to change.