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Dreamy forests, tranquile rivers, calm lakes, solitary islands, red cottages, meadows and fields, small channels, friendly people, peace, solitude and adventure. That is Småland in the south of Sweden.

Just a stone’s throw away from the southern Swedish ferry ports. Free yourself from your everyday life and set out for a canoe trek in one of the largest river and lake areas of Sweden. Experience the wonderful nature in the same way as the Vikings did hundreds of years ago. In those days, the Vikings had a stronghold of the land and nature here. The lakes and rivers were their roads. You’ll repeatedly encounter sites and remains of a long gone era.

Camping on the river side

Welcome to the Blidingsholm Canoe Base! With a rented canoe, suddenly a huge water system opens up for you, with amazing nature sceneries and a stunning wild life. This is not only the old Viking route to Småland, it is also a nature reserve, so please move around with gentle care. Choose a route from our canoe maps, find beautiful accomodation places rigt by the waterside, all prepared with drinking water, fire pits and water toilets along the way. Buy a fishing permit and enjoy the quite outstanding fishing. For groups of more than 2 canoes, you are only allowed to stay over night on these pre prepared places, for the sake of the sensitive nature and wildlife. Enjoy the peace.

60 Canoes and accessories

At the Blidingsholm Canoe Base you’ll find 60 canoes and all necessary accessories: life jackets, paddles, tents, storm kitchens, tarps, spades, etc. Blidingsholm Gård is situated directly on the banks of the river Mörrum, on the southern branch of the 160 km2 large Lake Åsnen. Thousands of beutiful sceneries are awaiting you out there. But, because it is a nature reserve, we do not only rent all the gear you need. We will also introduce you to all you need to know, to get around without harming the sensitive environment

Natur reserve

By canoe you can reach into the midst of undisturbed nature, with its unique landscape: Fish, birds and wild animals live here in a large nature reserve. With a little luck you can also get a glimps of the “King of the forrest”, the moose. And with your senses open, you can find the most rare butterflies, dragonflies and flowers colouring your way, while passing through a landscape so old, that you can almost hear the whispering voices from ancient history in the wind.

To stop or stay overnight

n order not to disturbe the very delicate nature of the nature reserve, special canoe stops have been set up along the routes for short pauses and over night accommodation. Groups with more than 3 people are only allowed to stop in these places. The beautifully situated rest places and over night stops, are equipped with drinking water, firewood and toilets for your convenience.

Canoe trail maps

Please see our special canoe trail maps with marked routes. Moving about in a nature reserve requires care and skill not to cause damage and some areas are restricted, reserved only for birds and wild life. The routs are safe and contain accommodation places, shopping facilities, information points and portages. For a brief overview, we have also put on the map a few shorter canoe routes especially for beginners or families with children.

Download map

Route C, 2-3 overnight stops

Two to three overnight stops. (60 km)
• As route B to the canoe stop south of Rotahult.
• Continue northwest between the islands Sirkön an Getnö. • Go around the northern tip of Getnö and turn south. • Go under the car bridge and through Insjön into Näckhalsfjorden.
• At canoe stop Lövingstorp, continue on the canoe trail of route B.

Route B, 1-2 overnight stops

One or two nights. (About 40 km)
• Follow Route A to Hackekvarnsnäs (just past the portage point at Hackekvarn) passing north of the island of Frösön, NNW of the island Ingelön.
• On the southern tip of the large island south of Sirkön Rotahult is a nice place for the night.
• Continue, SSW east to Ingelön. Go into the Näckhallsfjorden and pass the overnight place at Lövingstorp. Continue to the canoe base in Ålshult. Here you can get supplies and food; Shopping is possible as long as the owner “Walle” is at the store.
• Continue southward to the road bridge. Be ware. Shortly after the bridge an uncharted weir obstructs the journey. Land on the east side.
• Continue through the channel. At low water stand canoes must be towed (pulled behind you). Caution! The wire rope of an old footbridge hanging down at head height. Attention! Rapids.
• Mouth of the Trässhultsjön. Next go under an old suspension bridge through the channel, west of the portage until the next eel weir. The canoe must be carried up the slope and put into the water again down behind the weir. Under the road bridge of the N120 and the bridge under the old railway (now a walking and cycling path), go into the fjord “Brändeborgsfjorden”. Detour possibility to Ryd 3km or continue on the east bank along to the mouth of Mörrumsån.
• At the old beautiful stone arch bridge from the 13th century, portage or push canoes on the right. Arrival at Blidingsholm, time for a long break.

Route A to Fålaboda

Fålaboda (there and back 14 km) Normally one stay overnight or continue into the lake and have a second or last stay overnight at Fålaboda.
• Start: Blidingsholm canoe base. After about 1 km you will reach the top of the eel weir at Blidingsholm. At a high water level, you can go around the weir from the west side channel. Otherwise you have to go west, to get up on land on the down side of the weir, and portage below the weir.
• Continue through the Havbältesfjorden to Hackekvarn. Overnight accommodation since 1995, marked portage place east, a narrow channel, 100 m to the end of the portage.
• Continue to Hackekvarnsnäs peninsula, go north around the island Fröson, paddle eastward and look out for a pine tree with a blue ribbon.
• Return on the same route or continue.