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General Information

The Scoutcenter Blidingsholm, situated on the banks of the river Mörrum, in the province of Småland, in southern Sweden.

Småland, with its endless forests and over 4,000 lakes, invites young people in particular to canoe trips, walking and cycling tours.
• At the Scout office all the important things can be discussed with the Service Team.
• All booked Scouts are welcome to our outback camp Fålaboda, about 7 km north of Blidingsholm. It’s premises are beautifully located directly on the banks of Lake Åsnen
• The river Mörrum, on whose shores the Scout Centre Blidingsholm is located is known for its clean water and its large variety of fish. Over 20 different species of freshwater fish live in the Mörrum creek, that may be fished naturally.
We wish you a nice stay, a lot of fun and profound relaxation here in Sweden, Småland.

The wonderful nature

Experience nature – for a few hours or several days, for a walk or a hike: Småland forests, beautiful mountains and hiking trails offer plenty of variety. Or go canoeing on the trail Värendsleden, through the archipelago of Lake Åsnen. There are over 5,000 lakes in Småland – and then imagine, there are all the little ones not counted, under one hectare. Moor, island, forest: The three Småland National Parks, Store Mosse, Blue Maiden and Norra Kvill show how varied the landscape and how versatile nature in Småland. The forest in Norra Kvill National Park is quaint and wild. Alone dominating, the granite knoll between Småland and Öland from the sea – in the National Park Blue Maiden.

The wide Moore in Store Mosse National Park feel like Lapland. Away from the boardwalks the wetlands may be explored only in the company of National Park Rangers – for example on snow shoes to keep you from sinking. With a campfire any small hike turns into a little adventure. Very important: Observe the strict rules of “All mans right”.

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The “King of the forest”

In the forest of Småland, particularly in the vicinity of Blidingsholm, the “King of the forest”, the moose, is a native.

In the Wiking era

The Mörrum which opens up at Blidingsholm into the approximately 155 square km Lake Åsnen, was in the Viking Age an important transportation route of the population at that time. Again and again, if we keep our eyes opened, we come across archaeological remains.

Freedom to roam

In Sweden there is, dating centuries back the “Freedom to roam” a code of how to behave in nature that also gives certain rights, like picking berries and mushrooms. You need to be careful, not to damage nature and leave no waste.

Zip-line tour

Pure Adrenaline! From adventures of up to 32 meters, adventurous enthusiasts will fall into the rope and hike up to 70 km / h free-hand over the treetops. Visit for more information.

Scout Office

All important things can be discussed with the Service Team. Cooling and storage rooms are located next to the lumber storage. Postcards, stamps, sweets, cold drinks, badges and more are available at the Scout Shop. In addition, you can make special arrangements for tours in the nearby or further surroundings. The Service Team in the Scout Office (please only in the morning) will assist you with coach charters. Mail can be collected only by leaders from the Scout Office.

• Our by Blidingsholms organized activities can also be booked in the Scout Office.
• Mosquito repellent is available in the Scout Shop.
• For the public toilets and the shower house all groups are jointly responsible. The cleaning material for this we make available. Details are governed by the Scout Office.
• For all groups sufficient construction material (timber) and firewood is available. Please register in the Scout office, so the wood needed can be assigned.
• Rooms and tents for special use like for drying things and extra accommodations can be arranged by the Scout office.

The Service Team at Blidingsholm is always striving to be at your disposal. We wish you a nice stay, a lot of fun and relaxation here in Sweden, Småland, Blidingsholm.

Shopping, Currency & Customs

Going shopping is easy. In the villages Ryd and Tingsryd (20 km) there are various shops for such as food, ironware, fishing, textile and junk shops, waiting to please you. There you’ll also find a post office, pharmacy, doctor, tourist office and restaurants. More special shops and larger stores you will find in the capital city of the region, Växjö (50 km).

Currency Throughout Sweden you pay in Swedish kronor (SKR). The Euro has not been introduced as valid currency. But many shops also accept credit cards, and yes, occationally Euros (€) (not at a good rate). Euro checks are no longer accepted. Stores do not accept debit checks. Since 1993, you can retrieve local currency at any ATM (marked with yellow and blue stripes) with your bank card and in conjunction with your private code number!

Customs regulations Sweden is a EU country, but it follows Swedish special customs regulations. Alcohol and tobacco products may be imported only from 21 years. Meat only if fully preserved. Dogs and cats may from 1994 be brought along after fullfilling various vaccinations. Might be additional quarantine demands though. Best inquire beforehand at your veterinarian. Firearms and fireworks may not be imported. Your camp material is not subject to customs tariff determinations

Day tours

The Scout office helps with day trips to nearby or wider surroundings.


Family Camp

For leaders who want to come with your families and with caravans or campers to us, a Family camp is available. Prebook please!


The Mörrum is an anglers paradise; The water is well known for its abundance of fish; pike, perch and eels..


Before leaving

Before leaving, the camp place should be cleaned and returned to the state in which they were found.

Leader Tour

The easiest way to inform yourself about everything you need to know about the camp, also the Blidingsholm activities, is to join the get together and leader tour. We answer your questions and provide information about activities and facilities on the Camp Site. The group leaders are invited, usually on Tuesdays from 20:00 – 21:00 o’clock. For general information about:
– Joint actions
– Joint excursions by bus (cheaper)
– Football and other tournaments
– Shared services
– Our Music
– Evenings around the campfire
– Getting to know, etc.

Meeting place
The big tent opposite the shower building / Scout shop. The leader round is cost free.

Map for our guests

f you require hiking maps, please order
this on the web: or at

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