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Camp Rules

How easy it is to achieve a wonderful camp atmosphere. We just follow these simple rules:

  1. Good humor and joy in the camp starts with your care for the nature and your neighbors.
  2. The Camp place is your home. Never vandalize or destroy trees or shrubs or anything else in any way! (Please inquire for Firewood and timber in the Scout Office). Trees and shrubs are alive.
  3. Open fires can easily lead to forest fires! Fires may only be lit in the assigned locations. Fire must never be left unattended.
  4. Even though it is difficult for some: Smoking in the forest is prohibited.
  5. No alcohol may be consumed on the general camp grounds, except in your own camp site.
  6. Rivers and lakes may be used by all. There are specified rules for fishing, swimmers and boat users (check water rules in the Scout Office, please!). Children and young people should not swim without supervision or boating.
  7. LIFE HAZARD in the area of ​​all dams (weirs of the river)! The water area above, below the weir or under the weir MAY NOT be used by neither swimmers, floats nor of boaters. Entering the dams is also prohibited. Strong undercurrents. You risk your life!!!
  8. Even on Blidingsholm cars can not be completely avoided. Motorists are allowed to drive on the roadways at no more than walking speed (6 km/h). Sufficient parking spaces is avalable for many vehicles.
  9. You can almost move freely on the grounds here. But: you are not allowed on plots of land adjacent to houses or on cultivated areas. Do also not enter storage houses or private areas without invitation.
  10. You are responsible for the cleanliness of the toilets, showers and washbasins, which were assigned to you. The sanitary facilities must be cleaned daily.
  11. Steeling Banners or raid actions without previous consultation with other groups, is not allowed at Blidingsholm. This also falls, in Sweden as in other countries, under the criminal offense of theft. Offences will be reported to the Police.
  12. Between 23:00 clock bis 07:00 clock is “quiet time” We respect those who want to sleep.
  13. When you leave the camp, let nothing but your thanks and your good name stay behind.
    (From Baden-Powell; The Wolf Cub’s Handbook)