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Price list

Blidingsholm, international Scoutcamp, Sweden, has 34 camps along the famous Mörrums river.

The Camp site locations are individually in size and equipment. The price depends on several factors, including: the location, the equipment, the group size etc …. The selection of the place for a group is made by Blidingsholm according to the wishes of the group, which can usually be fulfilled.



Camp site de luxe

This place used to be our family campsite. It can be booked with groups of 70-500 people. The course has central toilets, showers, wash-house, wi-fi, sand beach and bathing place, as well as a footbridge with canoes and rowing boats, a connection with 220 V and high current. The place is close to the wooden warehouse and the Scoutshop, but away from it with good distance to the neighboring storage areas. It has several camp fireplaces and is surrounded on two sides by water. Incl. general service offer.
Price 6,000 – 8,000 Skr

Camp site normal

Some places lie directly on the water. Some have electricity, distance to the water supply and drinking water line 0 to 100 m, incl. general service offer.
Price 2,500 – 4,000 Skr

Camp site favorable

A Camp site without electricity, distance from the storage place to the drinking water line
0 to 50 m, distance to the water toilet 0 to 200 m, incl. general service offer.
Price 2,000 – 3,500 Skr

The decision as to which place has been assigned to a group will be announced to the group about one month before arrival, except for the de luxe camp, which is established from the outset. The desired place expressed by the groups is often fulfilled. In connection with this, the group receives an invoice for the total costs. This also includes the possible costs for the special wishes such as electricity, refrigerator and the total time of the space usage. This invoice must be paid 14 days before arrival. In addition, the invoice includes a deposit sum (if this sum is extra-specific), which is intended as a security for Blidingsholm if the group causes damage in Blidingsholm or the surrounding area. The deposit sum or parts thereof will then be returned at the warehouse either in cash or in the account of the guest. The participant list of the arriving group must be sent by e-mail to Blidingsholm ( before arrival.

For groups that do not have the option to pay in advance, there is the possibility to request a payment period, please mail to Blidingsholm.
The price Blidingsholm has calculated in the cost estimate for the storage location is a fixed price, which does not change if the number of participants is less than that stated by the group before. If the group wants to change the number of participants, this must be reported at least 4 weeks before arrival and a new contract must be written in connection with this. If the number of participants in the group is higher than indicated, these persons will be charged at least 60 skr per person per night over the entire storage period, depending on the price and location. In the case of cancellation of a booking within 14 days prior to the arrival of the group, Blidingsholm will retain the entire contract sum. For cancellations made 14 days prior to arrival, the group does not incur any costs. Upon arrival of the group and prior to check-in, the group leader must acknowledge the storage pitch in writing.

General service including all storage areas

The prices are inclusive of warm showers, firewood, timber, fishing rights without fishing, bathing water, drinking water, waste disposal, wireless LAN without password protection, use of a play and adventure island for 24 hours each the consultation of the groups, the possibility to charge batteries (mobile phones, laptops, photo and video cameras) and a sauna. Blidingsholm is a popular destination for all those who want to go to Blidingsholm. The campsite is situated on the banks of Lake Åsnensees, with a tent and / or barn for up to two nights. No canoe overnight checks are required for overnight stays on Fålaboda. Fålaboda can also be used free of charge for hiking and cycling. All prices are calculated in Swedish Kroner.

Extra service

Full board: 220 kr per person per day
Cleaning service: Amount is deducted depending on group size. Cleaning service, the group provides a cleaning group of min. 4 persons, which cleans paths, bathing beach and shower buildings once or twice a week for about 3 hours.
Refrigerator / space in the fridge: 60 skr per day
Sauna mobile: free for 24 hours, ready to use, once per group, is ordered in the reception and transported by the group with trailer coupling to your place.
Canoeing: 220 skr per day. Canoe overnight stays in Åsnensee are compulsory and cost 40 kr per person per night. Guide amounts in the National Park Åsnen against cost estimate.
Campsite Furnitures: 150 skr per participant

Living, restaurant

In group house Solhem are covered beds, towels and final cleaning incl, no other room. In local parking Ryd, Fålaboda and Elsemåla final cleaning is not inclusive.

Hotell Single room: 970 skr per night, discount for several nights
Hotell Double room : 1270 skr per night, discount for several nights

Group house Solhem (29 beds, excluding kitchen): 200 skr per person and night, min. 3 nights and 20 persons.

Group house Solhem (29 beds, incl kitchen): 250 skr per person and night, min. 3 nights and 20 persons.

Local parking Ryd (For larger groups min. 100 persons, final evening, mountain festival, disco, theater, worship): Free, deposit 8000 skr

Outdoor campsite Fålaboda (canoe and hiking groups): Free (see separate info)

External storage place Elsemåla (hiking groups, bookable from 2019): Free (see separate info)

Family Camping

(Especially for former and accompanying persons of the scout groups: price 180 kr per tent, 200 kr per caravan, 50 kr for electrics.

Transfer bus costs in Sweden, prices from 2017-2018

(please pay the total amount in Swedish kroner at the driver) Daytrips within Sweden on request Bus transfer (pick up at the beginning and return at the end of your free time)

 From Up to 23 people 24-50 people 51-61 people
Trelleborg/Malmö Hafen SKR 11240:- SKR 13390:- SKR 13850:-
Malmö Airport (Sturup) SKR 10900:- SKR 12950:- SKR 13390:-
Växjö Airport SKR 4170:- SKR 4850:- SKR 5010:-
Älmhult Bahnhof SKR 3800:- SKR 4410:- SKR 4550:-
The listed prices are prices for 2014, Monday to Friday, but must be confirmed in writing by the bus company. Blidingsholm does not accept any price guarantee. Please inquire about Blidingsholm. Prices vary for Saturday and Sunday.

Price changes and / or service changes and errors remain reserved.